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Frequently Asked Questions

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Who are Smoothie Bike Hire?
Smoothie Bike Hire is the trading name of a social enterprise service run by Sport 4 Life UK. Sport 4 Life UK is a registered charity (no. 1115222) and registered company (no. 5664605). More details can be found at www.sport4life.org.uk.

Do you have public liability insurance and risk assessments in place?
Yes. We implement a range of policies and procedures to ensure our smoothie bikes are as safe as possible for our customers and for members of the public. All of our services are fully risk assessed (download here) and have comprehensive public liability insurance (download here).

What qualifications do your smoothie bike instructors have?
All of our smoothie bike instructors have enhanced DBS checks, as well as NSPCC Child Protection and Level 1 Food Hygiene qualifications.

Do you sell your smoothie bikes?
Please call us on 0121 456 1818 or drop us an email!


What can I do if I want something on top of what you usually provide (e.g. 2 members of staff)?
Get in touch with us. We can’t guarantee that we will be able to meet your request, but we will do our best. Please bear in mind that this may change your quote price.

Do you offer discounts for charities or multiple bookings?
Unfortunately, we are not able to offer discounts for charities or multiple bookings. We price our services as competitively as we can, so rest assured that you are getting a good deal. On top of this, we do on occasion run promotions and price reductions on our website so please feel free to take advantage of them.

Does completing a booking form mean that attendance at my event is confirmed?
Yes, by completing a booking form you are formally committing to purchase our services and in return we commit to attend your event. We will also confirm your booking by email. However, you should note that Smoothie Bike Hire reserves the right to decline bookings for operational reasons at our sole discretion.

Are the prices on your website always accurate?
Yes, in 95% of cases they are. However Smoothie Bike Hire reserves the right to alter your quote price if the specifications of your event are particularly abnormal.

What happens if we cancel our event when we’ve already booked you in?
If you cancel within 21 days of the event date, we will charge you 50% of the quote price. Please check our T&Cs on our booking forms for more information.

How will we be invoiced and what are your payment terms?
Invoices will be issued on the date of your event, and will be due within 14 days.


What do you bring to an event?
We bring absolutely everything required to run the Smoothie Bike Hire stall from start to finish – one of our smoothie bikes, a smoothie bar, a qualified member of staff, advertising banners, promotional materials, fruit, juice, cups, straws, and cleaning and waste equipment.

Who can use your smoothie bikes?
Almost anyone –children aged 5 and above, teenagers, adults, and even sprightly pensioners can comfortably use our awesome smoothie bikes – and we always encourage people at your event to get involved and have a go. We advise, however, that participants who are pregnant or who have underlying health problems should not use the smoothie bikes.

What time will you arrive at the event?
Unless you specify otherwise in your booking form, we will arrive 1 hour before the event starts. This will give us enough time to unload, set up our stand, and be fully prepared for lots of smoothie making!

Where can you set up your smoothie bikes, and how much space do you need?
We can set up our smoothie bikes almost anywhere. We simply need a space of approximately 3m x 3m, with even ground. We also need easy and close access from our vehicle to our location for unloading.

Do you need a parking space?
Yes. We bring all of our equipment in a small or medium sized van, and will require a free and nearby parking space for the duration of your event if possible.

Can you do events outdoors, and do you bring a gazebo or marquee?
Yes we are able to do events outdoors, and the smoothie bike can work perfectly in this environment. However, we do not bring our own marquee or gazebo. For outdoor events we require the customer to provide a marquee or gazebo. We will happily share with other groups or stands, if that helps.

Does the smoothie bike work better indoors or outdoors?
The smoothie bike can work perfectly indoors or outdoors. However, to avoid the problems of rain, wind, wasps and uneven ground (!), we prefer indoor events where possible.

How many smoothies can you make?
We always aim to provide enough smoothies to cater for the demands of your event,. We achieve this by bringing enough ingredients to make 200 7oz smoothies or 100 14 oz smoothies, and our instructor will vary portion sizes depending on the demand of the event. If you would like extra ingredients for your event they are available at a charge of £25 for an extra 100 7oz / 50 14oz smoothies. If you would like to take advantage of this offer, please mention this in the ‘Further Details’ section of the online booking form..

What flavour smoothies do you make?
We bring a selection of ingredients to our events, including frozen strawberries, frozen mango, frozen pineapple and apple juice, and we can make delicious, healthy, ice-cold smoothies using any combination of the above.

How long does it take to make a smoothie on the smoothie bike?
Well it depends on how fast you pedal, of course! But usually it only takes a minute or two.

Does your instructor take any breaks throughout the event?
Yes. For full day events, we ask that our instructor is given a 30 minute break for lunch. This means that the smoothie bike stand will be closed for that period of time. Our instructor will happily take their break at a time most convenient for your event.

How much do you charge people at the event for a smoothie?
Nothing. They are 100% free to your event attendees. All of our costs are covered by the flat rate charged to our customer (i.e. the event organisers).

Can we charge people at the event for the smoothies?
Yes. But we feel it works better if you don’t. However, if it is very important for your event that you charge a fee to each participant for making a smoothie that’s fine. Please make a note of this in the booking form.


What is different about the Healthy School package?
Usually the smoothie bike is a “drop-in” attraction - people just get involved for a few minutes at a time, before moving on to other attractions or activities at their event. However, with the Healthy School package we do so much more. We use the smoothie bike as the centrepiece of a structured, interactive lesson lasting 30-60 minutes. The lesson consists of loads of fun and exciting games, such as a fruit-themed energizer warm-up, a name-the-fruit-while-blindfolded game, an interactive quiz, and a smoothie bike race as the finale. We provide 2 smoothie bikes to our Healthy School events, as well as all of the regular stuff – our smoothie bar, fruit and juice ingredients, and cups and straws.

How many classes and pupils can you cater for?
We can cater for up to 8 classes of 30 pupils per day.

How long is each session?
Each session must be between 30 and 60 minutes.

Do you work with all age groups?
No. We only cater for pupils from Year 1 to Year 6, and therefore only work in primary schools.

What do we need to provide?
Your school needs to provide the use of your hall, gym, or other suitably large room.

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